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3-10 mln rub/month

Projected Revenue

from 20%


12-24 months

Franchise Payback Period 


PIMS is a power brand and a lifestyle for young and energetic individuals. 

There are 3 components to the success of PIMS:

PIMS as a  Product 

Unique Toppings

for everyone's taste

 100% Good-for-you Energy

no artificial additives


made from natural


Tropical Fruits

pure & real

flavours only

More than just tea

new, powerful, explosive flavours

Secret Ingredient

opens new tea dimensions 

PIMS as a Lifestyle 

PIMS is not only a quality product, it is a spirit and self-expression for those who are young and daring in their souls.

Our customers return not only for the delicious drinks but to experience the PIMS ambience.

PIMS as a Brand

The bright and colourful branding of PIMS goes hand and hand with our product. We made sure that our locations are eye-catching and inviting, and the same goes for the drinks we serve. 

The brand forms a community around itself - a community of young at heart, bright souls that strive to be a part of PIMS, love inviting their friends for a cup of fresh colourful drinks and see value in all of it. 

PIMS Business Model

3–10 mln rub/month

(depending on the city and its size)

Projected Revenue



12–24 months

Franchise Payback Period 

from 4 mln rub

Initial investments to open one location

from 750 000 rub

Admission Fee




Marketing Fee

PIMS supports the partners throughout the entire process

We deeply value our partners and always treat them as family.
As a franchise owner, you will have our full-on comprehensive support at every stage of the planning and launching processes.

Comprehensive support throughout all the project stages includes anything from analyzing a city's potential and supplying equipment to building communication channels with suppliers and training employees. 

Together we will develop a technical sketch and complete all the equipment specifications 

We provide all the needed certifications and documentation for products and equipment

We organize free training for partners at our PIMS training center in Moscow and our best locations around the city

We take full responsibility to make sure that PIMS social media presence drives traffic to newly opened locations in each city. 

Each franchisee will have a personal supervising PIMS specialist who will assist and give prompt feedback on any issue that may arise.

You will be added to the PIMS network where every partner will have the opportunity to ask questions to the founders. We are always open to communication and any future suggestions

We are looking for real partners that are ready to grow with PIMS.
“1 City - 1 Partner” is our exclusive condition that makes sure that you are motivated to grow with us

We will provide access to a Knowledge Base containing all the standards of work in the network

How to become a PIMS Franchise Owner?

A partner for us is someone who deeply understands PIMS values and brand spirit. We want to attract like-minded individuals to grow PIMS together.

Perfect PIMS Partner

Already has successful experience running a business

Wants to grow and develop with us

Plans to launch at least 3 locations in their first year with PIMS

Is ready to dive deep into PIMS culture and its business processes at our education academy

We are not interested in someone who will just invest their money into PIMS, we are looking for real partners that are ready to become a part of our culture, so we can move forward together.

Will you be ready to go behind the cash register if one of your employees gets sick? If your answer is yes then we are looking in one direction. 

Only because of this mentality PIMS continues to grow and develop.

PIMS Goes International 

For the near future, PIMS plans a huge international expansion of the brand beyond our original borders. We see a large number of countries with potential for our growth.

If you are interested in opening PIMS in your country, please reach out to us as we are looking forward to collaborating and partnering with like-minded people around the globe.

Become PIMS Partner 

If you want to become a part of our successful team, please fill out the application below.
We would love to meet you in person and make sure we are a great fit for each other.

Different PIMS Locations

We have 3 types of PIMS locations. Our development team takes time to understand the potential of each city and will be able to advise you on what setup to choose for you to meet your customers' and their needs.





Flagship location. People in your city will be able to dive deep into PIMS culture, meet the brand and taste test its product.  This type of PIMS store calls for a central location, whether it is a stand-alone store or a corner in a popular mall - traffic here matters

Opening dates – from 45 days

Square – 75-100 m2

Investment – from 10 mln rub


This is a continuation of the flagship location, it is best situated in malls or popular food courts and markets in the city. The island setup of this location allows for versatility when space is limited.

Opening dates – from 30 days

Square – 15 m2

Investment – from 4 mln rub


PIMS pop-up location will work best in regions where it is warm all year round or summer and spring last for up to 4 months. This format is opened in central parks and harbourfronts where people spend a lot of their time during the warmer season.

This type of location can be a great addition to the already existing PIMS-CITY cafe - increasing customer loyalty during busy seasons in the city.

Opening dates – from 20 days

Square – 15 m2

Investment – from 3 mln rub

Stages of Opening a Licensed PIMS Cafe

1 / 7


Знакомство с концепцией и форматами торговых точек PIMS в Москве

Нам важно, чтобы потенциальный партнер смог лично познакомиться с форматом, предлагаемым ассортиментом, ценообразованием и целевой аудиторией PIMS. До начала переговоров мы просим вас предварительно лично посетить наши торговые точки в Москве. 


Заявка на сотрудничество для открытия сети PIMS в свободном городе/регионе 

Если вы хотите стать частью нашей успешной команды, мы просим вас оставить заявку на сотрудничество, заполнив анкету партнера (привязать ссылку на анкету). 

Свободные для развития регионы/города России указаны в разделе Список приоритетных городов для развития PIMS в России (приложить ссылку). Свободные города для развития на международном рынке мы готовы обсуждать отдельно.

После ознакомления с вашей заявкой, представители PIMS будут рады провести с вами онлайн-встречу для обсуждения базовой информации и предварительных условий сотрудничества.


Детальная проработка обсуждаемого города и согласование условий сотрудничества

Перед тем, как принять решение о начале сотрудничества, команда PIMS тщательно анализирует выбранный вами город/регион и дает разрешение на открытие. Согласование завершается заключением Договора коммерческой концессии.


Поиск и согласование оптимальной локации для открытия первой и последующих точек PIMS

Самым важным шагом при открытии кафе PIMS является выбор помещения. Поиск оптимальных локаций осуществляется на основании рекомендаций и предоставленного командой PIMS инструментария. PIMS в обязательном порядке согласовывает локацию каждого нового кафе, фиксируя подписанием дополнительных соглашений к основному договору. После успешного согласования локаций, вы, как прямой арендатор, подписываете договор аренды с выбранным помещением.


Изучение стандартов и организация работы PIMS

На данном этапе мы предоставим всю необходимую для обучения информацию. Для нас важен как сам продукт, так и тот опыт, который получат посетители наших кафе. Именно поэтому мы поможем детально проработать все этапы приготовления напитков, а также уделим внимание сервису и качеству обслуживания. Мы назначим курирующего специалиста из команды PIMS для качественного и оперативного запуска работы. После разработки всей проектной документации и установки необходимого оборудования процесс запуска кафе будет начат.


Подбор и обучение команды

Мы поможем подобрать лучшего управляющего и менеджеров, после чего ваши сотрудники пройдут специализированный курс профессиональной подготовки для работы в кафе PIMS в Москве. Для линейных специалистов мы также организуем полный курс подготовки сотрудников.  


Открытие лицензированного кафе PIMS в вашем городе/регионе

Перед началом работы кафе мы проведем тестовое открытие без обслуживания гостей, чтобы пройти все этапы работы и подготовить точку к финальному открытию, а также предоставим подробный чек-лист открытия. После чего кафе будет полностью готово к официальному открытию.



Introduction to the PIMS brand and location formats 

It is important for us that our potential partner gets introduced to everything we have to offer. Our concept, customers, product, pricing strategy and PIMS community as a whole. 

Before we start our communication process, we advise that you visit our location and meet PIMS for yourself if you have that opportunity.


Fill out an application to become PIMS Franchisee Partner in your city 

Potential franchisee fills out an application to become PIMS Partner.

We have a list of regions and cities within Russia where we see growth potential, you can view the list here. 

We are ready to go beyond our borders and open locations internationally. There are many countries on the map where PIMS can be a success.

After a review of your application, a PIMS representative will contact you to schedule an online call to discuss basic information and go over our terms and conditions.


A detailed look at a city/region and final revision of terms and conditions

Before the final decision on the franchise opportunity is made and all parties agreed on working conditions, the PIMS team does a thorough analysis of your city/region to fully understand the potential market and locations for the PIMS cafes. After that process is complete both parties have agreed and signed the franchise agreement.


Search for the best locations to open your first and subsequent PIMS cafes

One of the most crucial steps in opening a PIMS cafe is to choose the best location fit. After our city analysis, the franchisee will be given a guideline on how to choose the most optional location in the region. PIMS has to approve every franchise location. All agreements about new openings and PIMS locations between parties are documented with additional paperwork to the original business concession. After successful location approval, you as a direct lessee, sign the agreement for the confirmed location to open a new PIMS cafe


Learn about PIMS organizational standards and principles

At this stage, you will receive a package with all of the educational information regarding PIMS. Together we will dive deep into how our drinks stand out and what makes them unique - we have much passion when it comes to this topic. PIMS product is important to us, but our service and attention to detail at every step of the process are what take our customers through a special experience from the first sip. 

Throughout each step of your launching journey, you will have access to a PIMS specialist that will be ready to answer all of your questions and help with any occurring issues during the onboarding and opening process.


Hire and train managers and staff  at PIMS educational center in Moscow

We help you find the best of the best when it comes to management, after which your staff will undergo comprehensive professional training to work at PIMS locations. We will also assist in finding and training the core team for the locations in your city/region.


Official opening of the licensed PIMS cafe in your city/region

We will have a test opening where we will make sure that everything in your store runs smoothly and that your team is ready to open the doors to the public.  We offer a thorough opening checklist to make sure all the steps and actions are taken before the official opening day.

Investments from 4 million rubles

Are you ready to become an owner of a PIMS location in the next 3 months?
It all starts with the first meeting!

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Valerie Dorbskaya

Partner Program Manager